During one of our rural clinics, a young man brought his mother for evaluation.  She had been deaf for 10 years but had never seen a physician before.  On otoscopic examination both of her ear canals packed with earwax.  After working with her for 30 minutes or so with a combination of hydrogen peroxide and a special earwax removal tool, we were able to remove a large amount of earwax from each ear.  When her son asked what we found, she heard him ask and her eyes lit up and filled with tears.  She was able to hear after thinking she had been deaf for 10 years.

Dr. Jerry Holleman
after 2014 trip

When I was a child, I was blessed to be given a scholarship by All In Guatemala, so I could stay in school. When I was in high school, my older sister and I started making small stuffed animals, to help with the family needs. With our old sewing machine, we could make 30 animals per day. My sister ran the machine during the day and I ran it in the evenings when I returned from school. 4 years ago my sister Maria and I each received a loan from All In Guatemala. We took our two loans which totaled Q2400 ($320), added Q2000 ($300) we had saved, and purchased a commercial sewing machine. With the same amount of labor, we could make 100 animals each day.

Two years later we had saved enough money to purchase a second commercial machine. We hired two other ladies in the community and are now producing 200 animals per day. We have plans to buy a 3rd machine, hire more people, and make ladies handbags along with the animals. In our country, a sewing machine is operated by the men. The women do needle work by hand. So we are different and able to earn a fair wage.

I am now in the weekend university program in Santa Cruz del Quiche, 18 kilometers from my home. I am studying to be a teacher. I want to teach the K’iche language to make sure our youth keep their culture. They are taught Spanish in school, so many are forgetting the indigenous language. I am engaged now and hope to be married in a year or so.

My family and I offer many thanks to God and All In Guatemala for helping me. Hopefully I can help others.
Micaela Larios
Sepala Community
ALL IN – Guatemala: Thanks for reaching out to us. We’ve been working with Salud y Paz to provide safe drinking water for rural schools in the Chichi area for several years now. This was our first time working with your mission using Uzima filters and our first time placing them in homes. I was impressed with the Uzima filter - the speed at which it filters the water, the life of the filter, and the water tasted great. Your coordinators were great to work with. Our team is once every two years and we are committed to our clean water project but we would be interested in expanding to other programs. Working with you sounds like something we would definitely be interested in. Keep us updated on ways we can be involved. Blessings
Becky Sasse
Lawerence, KS