We Are Different !

>  Efficient  –  Less than 4% Admin. Overhead + lots of volunteer support + no middlemen = our cost is 25% vs others. Many other NGOs have Overhead greater than their Direct Cost.

 >  Holistic  – We have 12 programs falling into 3 Categories (Wellness, Economic Stability, and Spiritual & Community Relations). Most other NGOs concentrate on 1 or 2 areas.

 >  Hands On – We work WITH locals vs FOR them.   Non-toxic approach. None of our programs are free to the participate and the participant provides all of the labor.

>  Transparency  –  We provide major donors with written & photographic feedback, down to the family level.

 >  Christian Based – We began as a program in a church and although we now are an independent 501c(3), we follow the teachings of Christ.

The combination of the above makes us Different from other non-profits operating in Guatemala or in other locations and we want to stay this way.

What could be better name to describe our mission statement than ALL IN-Guatemala!